Unlock the sustainability of your supply chain

LandGriffon uses an open scientific methodology and an innovative digital tool to empower companies to measure, manage, and transform agricultural supply chain impacts.

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What can Landgriffon do for you?


Overcome traceability barriers with our spatial sourcing model.

LandGriffon is built with you in mind.

  • Enterprise-ready.

    Align with new standards and requirements (ESRS, TNFD, SBTN). Produce transparent, repeatable, and auditable analysis.

  • See the big picture.

    Manage the whole of your supply chain, rather than one material or one impact at a time. Bring in any data source or API: spatial, non-spatial, financial, social, or otherwise.

  • Built with the best available science.

    Leverage the latest data and recommendations from satellite monitoring and the scientific community. Our open-science methodology is trusted to help you plan and prepare for tomorrow’s risks and opportunities.

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Sustainable transformation requires whole systems thinking. That's why LandGriffon is made up of experts combining the disciplines of design, science, technology, sustainability, and business.

For over a decade, Vizzuality has helped companies access, understand, and easily use the data and recommendations of the sustainability community.

LandGriffon facilitates access, transparency, and global collaboration by embracing open source and open science. We encourage you to review it and welcome input and feedback.

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